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Holding Author's Hands Each Step of The Way.



A Modern Approach to Publishing

This is a new day and age where independant author's are publishing their own works. 

Black Cotton Publishing offers an innovative  publishing style that caters to independent author's.


You've worked hard to complete your project, why give up the rights to your work if you don't have to?


Although we publish your first and/or second piece of work, we serve more as a consultant. There is not not one piece of the planning, development or publication  processes that you are not hands on involved in. Our goal is to provide clients with the tools, resources and confidence to build their own publishing company and to share what they have learned with others.

You've written it, now let us help you share it with the world.

Publishing Coach

Consult & Coach Only


  • One hour consultation  

  • Understanding the publishing process

  • List of recommended resources

  • Six months of coaching 

  • Publish under your brand/trademark

Each Step of The Way

For First Time Self-Publishers


  • One hour consultation

  • Manuscript review

  • Editing process

  • Copyright, ISBN and Barcode

  • Exterior and interior design and format (hardcover/paperback print & ebook)

  • Print-on-demand account set up

  • Author pays vendor frees

White Label Publishing

You're The Publisher, We Do The Work

$500.00 Deposit


  • Your the publisher

  • You pay all vendor fees and book trade required items (ISBN, barcode, copyright, etc.)

  • Your name and logo is noted and listed as the publisher

The White Label Publishing package was created for self-publishers.​ We are your silent ghost publisher.

Price is determined based on your book type and needs. Once price is determined a 50% deposit is required to get started

(deposit is applied to price).



Established in 2013 as a division of Black Cotton LLC, Black Cotton Publishing was created to make sure that written words, by independant author's, are read and shared with the world.


Owner and author, Tomeekha Pitre, knows what it's like to have creative works sitting and not knowing what to do next. Instead of waiting, she decided to do it herself; and that she did in 2013 with the publication of, Black Cotton, by artist and business partner, Rasta Escott EL. Published in 2013, Black Cotton is the first title published under the Black Cotton Publishing brand.


The Black Cotton project was no walk in the park. Tomeekha and her team aquired plenty of lessons learned, which was applied to her second project, Earth's Quiet Chaos.

She's paved the way for newcomers and the shy ones. With each new project there is much to learn and many areas to improve upon. She's done the work, she's shared her successes, failures, learning lessons, and now she's ready to share everything she's learned with you. 


Take and hold on to her, ever gentle, hand and let her show you how to find your way in the world of visual art and literary publication.




Is It Nighttime, nina?

COMING SOON 2017, ISBN: 978-0-9856943-6-4

By Zanetta Tribble El

Melody loves spending time with her grandmother, Nina. They enjoy going outside to greet the moon. Each evening they sit on the porch while her grandmother explains the divine feminine energy of the moon and their connection to it. Join them as their love flows to the moon and back.

Earth's Quiet Chaos

Published 2016, ISBN: 978-0-9856943-3-3

By Tomeekha Pitre

Earth’s Quiet Chaos is set in a historically significant community in Los Angeles, California. Earth Hartley is an African American businesswoman whose life is consumed by caring for her older sister, Moon, and trying to save Moon from the consequences of her careless behavior and substance abuse. 

Moon is paranoid, violent, erratic, and irrational. She thrives in her life of chaos, and has no regard for the pain it causes her family. 

Ra, their brother, is the lifeline between his two sisters. He’s the glue that holds the family together until a horrible and violent act results in Moon’s arrest.

The story of Earth’s Quiet Chaos is about finding and holding onto true love while dealing with family issues that are considered to be taboo in the African American community, but are relatable to all.

Black COtton

Published 2013, ISBN: 978-0-9856943-0-2

By Rasta Asaru Escott EL

Black Cotton is a photography art book that celebrates the beauty of African American Women, the Afro hair style and the diversity of  African Diaspora.  
Photographer, Rasta A. Escott EL, creatively tells this story by collaborationg with Tomeekha Pitre, Tammie Le, James Williams, and Ronieka Pinkney through fashion, hair, makeup, digital media and photography. Black Cotton brilliantly marries these strengths and presents a new definition of the African Woman while telling the photographic journey of the African presence in other cultures. 



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